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Municipality Žakanje

The community of Žakanje is situated in the west part of the Republic of Croatia and became part of Karlovac County according to the new local administrative arrangement of the Republic of Croatia of 1993. It has an overall area of 45 square kilometres. It is also a bordering Croatian community with the Republic of Slovenia in its west part, in the flow of the Kupa.

Municipality Vojnić

The community of Vojnić is situated in the east part of Karlovac County. It borders with the town of Karlovac on the north, with the community of Krnjak and the town of Slunj on the west, with the community of Cetingrad on the south and with the Sisacko - Moslavacka County on the east. South - east border along the river Glina is a state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seat of the community is 17 kilometers far from the town of Karlovac.

Municipality Tounj

Municipality Tounj is situated where the lowlands of Croatia comes together with the central part of the mountainous area. Building the important road called "Jozefinska cesta" and the railway line Zagreb - Rijeka at the end of 18th century made it possible for Tounj to have good connections with other parts of Croatia and to be kind of a mediator between the agricultural continental hinterland and the coast of Primorje.

Municipality Saborsko

The area represents beautiful, healthy, ecological balanced and traffic accessible region (road D-42 and railway service Zagreb - Split). The area is hilly and mountainous with clean air and pure drinkable water, with good conditions for ecological food production, health tourism and sport recreation outdoors.

Municipality Ribnik

Community of Ribnik is situated in northwestern part of Karlovac County divided by the state motorway D6 Karlovac - Novo Mesto and county road Jaškovo - Pravutina, 4 kilometers remote from the river Kupa and Republic of Slovenia. It borders with the town of Ozalj and communities of Netretic and Žakanje. The area is mostly hilly, partially overgrown by deciduous trees.

Municipality Rakovica

It is situated in the far south of the county of Karlovac. It covers 261 km2. The municipality has a population of 3100 in 26 settlements. As a settlement Rakovica first appeared in Middle Ages. History-wise it has been known for the famous Rakovica rising in October 1871 under the leadership of Eugen Kvaternik. Another bigger settlement was mentioned in the 11th century, a "Frankopanian town" Drežnik. At the time of big Turkish conquests it was a significant defence centre, so to speak, a few times taken over and conquered, destroyed I rebuilt again. Today's remains of the fortress are monument of culture under protection.

Municipality Netretić

Municipality of Netretić is situated in the northwest of the county of Karlovac, covering 116km2 with population of 5437 in 42 settlements, most of which are villages, with Netretić as the centre of it. It's a part of The rocks (crags) of Dinara with numerous dens - "drage" (dells) - covered in meadows, long forgotten pasture-grounds, grassland, groves and birch trees, oak trees, beech-trees, elm trees and chestnut trees.

Municipality Lasinja

Municipality Lasinja is situated in the north-east part of the county of Karlovac, covering about 82 m2. Ore opulence (barytes, clay, building rocks), abundance of water, fresh water springs, termal water and mineral water springs are main characteristics of this area.

Municipality Krnjak

The community of Krnjak is situated twenty kilometers north west from the town Karlovac on a main road Karlovac - Split.

Average above sea level: 120 meters.
Climate: continental with warm summers and cold winters
Number of settlements: 30 settlements with rustic character
Waters: the river Korana with a beautiful canyon and the river Radonja, streams Budacka Rijeka and Trupinjak, all of them rich with fish.

Municipality Kamanje

The community of Kamanje is situated in northwestern part of Karlovac County at the border of Republic of Slovenia by the river Kupa and comprises of seven settlements - Kamanje, Orljakovo, Reštovo, Mali Vrh Kamanjski, Veliki Vrh Kamanjski, Preseka and Brlog Ozaljski with the total of 1000 inhabitants.

Municipality Josipdol

The community of Josipdol is located at the area of thick forests on the slopes of Mala Kapela that resulted with development of wood industry. Because of the fertile land and favorable climatic conditions the largest part of population is oriented on agriculture and cattle breeding. During the Homeland war economy was ruined especially DIP Josipdol and TUP Josipdol. Tourism is in a beginning phase especially hunting because surrounding woods are rich with variety game.

Municipality Generalski Stol

Municipality of Generalski Stol is situated in the narrowest part of Croatian territory, at the crossing of the Croatian lowlands and the mountainous part; between Lika, Gorski kotar and Kordun, In the county of Karlovac, southwest from Duga Resa, towards Ogulin. Its biggest part lies between the rivers Mrežnica and Dobra, at the roads of great importance; the road Jozefina (Zagreg-Slunj) and the railway line Zagreb-Rijeka and Zagreb-Split. It has got good connections with all the parts of the country.
Generalski Stol

Duga Resa

Duga Resa has been recognised a long time ago as the leading destination of the continental tourism. This is not surprising given that it was developed on the banks of the real gem among rivers, the river Mrežnica, situated in the heart of the central Croatia.


Karlovac is known as a city of parks, city of stars and city of beer. But still, the most recognizable thing about this town are four rivers holding it: Kupa, Korana, Dobra and Mrežnica. It's located at the touch of lowland and mountain Croatia and it represents very important crossway to passengers travelling to the Croatian coastline.


Fairy tale land located in the center of continental Croatia, only 2 kilometers away from highway Zagreb - Split. Klek, Julia's ponor or Lake Sabljaci, there are many reasons to come visit this land.

We are at the tip of your hand, come and grab us.


The town of Ozalj is situated in the north-west part of the Karlovac County, and it occupies an area of 179.4 square kilometres where numerous picturesque villages and hamlets are located, home to 6,837 inhabitants (2011 census).

The Ozalj area is located along the lower course of the Kupa River and its right confluent, the Dobra River. It is characterized by an interesting geographical diversity – picturesque regions of south spurs of Žumberak mountains, smooth hills of the Vivodina-Vrhovac vineyards, wide and fertile plains near the Kupa River and 9 Šljunčara lakes full of fish. The highest peaks in the area are Vodenica (537m) and Sveta Gera (1 178 m).

Municipality Barilović

The seat of the community Barilović, was in the past the centre of military, economic and cultural activities, so that a solid fort was erected there already in the middle Ages - the town of Barilovic.

Discover Barilović

Municipality Bosiljevo

The municipal of Bosiljevo is situated between the rivers of Dobra and Kupa. The western border of the river Kupa is at the same time the state border with the Republic of Slowenia. Towards south, the municipal of Bosiljevo borders with the Primorsko-Goranska County and the town Vrbovsko, on the south-east with the town Ogulin, on the east with the town Generalski Stol and in the north with the municipal Netretia.

Municipality Bosiljevo

Municipality Cetingrad

The municipal Cetingrad is situated in the south-east part of the county Karlovac. The municipal is not too big, with the total area of 140 square kilometers, divided into 36 communities which make ten city councils.

Municipality Cetingrad

Municipality Draganić

The area of Draganić municipality spreads in the central part of Croatia where the western part of Panonian flat mildly blends with where mountainous Croatia begins. With 73 square kilometres Draganić takes up the central part of Republic of Croatia that all the main roads cross, connecting its east and west, as well as the northern and southern parts of our country. Mild wine-growing hillocks on the north, vast hundreds of years old forests on the south and the rich fish-ponds on the west attract the travellers on the Lujzijana road into this area that easily becomes their favourite weekend resort or a sweet home.

Discover Draganić


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